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Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, at an early age Dr. Tragil Wade-Johnson became a caregiver to her younger brother, Dwyane Wade, along with her other siblings and extended family. While caring for her family she developed a passion for giving back to underserved youth. This passion led her down a journey of success to become the Motivational Speaker, Author, and Philanthropic Leader she is today. Tragil is happily married to Edward Johnson and has 2 bonus children.

Tragil has mastered the following Educational Achievements:

In 1998 she received an Associate Degree from San Diego City College in Early Childhood Education.
In 2005 she earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Chicago State University with a Major in Elementary Education and a Minor in Psychology
In 2014 she pursued her passion for Ministry and obtained a Ministerial Certification
In 2015 she received her Certification in Transformational Foundation, Grants and Strategies, Principals in Leadership, and Board Building at the University of Notre Dame
In 2021 she received her Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism from The Global International Alliance Advocate University.

Career/Professional Achievements
• 2003 – 2005 Community High School – Personal Assistant and Teacher
• 2005 – 2007 Educate and Power Academy – Principal and Part Owner
• 2007 – 2009 CSMG – Sports Marketing
• 2009 – 2019 Creative Artist Agency – Client Manager
• 2006 – 2017 Wades World Foundation – Executive Director
• 2017 – Present CEO/Founder – America’s Big Sisters Foundation

Tragil Wade is a passionate speaker who proudly shares her story in hopes of inspiring others to live their dreams despite all odds and surmount obstacles to living their best lives. She is an infectious speaker who brings excitement to any stage she graces. It is her desire to encourage youth and provide practical life skills and spiritual tools for them to successfully navigate through life. Tragil is perfect to speak to schools, youth groups, ministries, conferences, retreats, special events, and more.  Some of her speaking topics include: 

  • Live to Dream  – Accessing your full potential
  • In the Waiting Room – How to wait without losing hope              
  • Take Flight – Keys to Success
  • Empower Youth – Steps to Effective Mentorship
  • Youth Life-Skills – Coach Tragil uses her newly released Journal book to facilitate a workshop to help coach teens through life experiences centered around the game of Basketball

Just to name a few…

Ms. Wade can tailor the message as needed for your organization.


Listen Up Lil Sis: Tragil Wade- Johnson

This book contains raw feelings of women from all walks of life, from all age groups, and a variety of economic status. The book also contains Godly scriptures and motivation. We are hopeful this book will allow all those who read it to be encouraged, educated, empowered, and enlightened.

*This is an e-book only*

Dr. Tragil Wade-Johnson has been a leader in the non-profit sector for over a decade

  • 11 years as Executive Director of Wade’s World Foundation. Responsible for Human Resource management, oversee Grant writing & Research, Fundraising events, Board Development, Community Engagement, Fiscal Management, Client solution and support, volunteer management, programming, strategic planning and marketing,
  • Raised over $3.4 million in the 1st 5 years
  • Partnerships with major International Brands (NBA, James Patterson, T-Mobile, Goldfish, Make-A-Wish) & Local Brands
  • Received many awards most proud of NBA assist AWARD 8 times
  • 5 Years as CEO & Founder of 501©3, America’s Big Sisters Foundation. The mission is to empower, encourage, educate, and +enlighten young women to become independent, self-sufficient, goal-oriented, positive, individuals who can excel in society by breaking cycles of lack.
  • 2021 – Received GIA Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism for exemplary contributions to society by way of community service, advocacy, and philanthropic work
  • Joe Biden Lifetime Achievement Award

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Dr. Tragil Wade-Johnson
Coaching Women and Girls To Win The Game of Life

Have you Considered Coaching for your personal, business, and or spiritual growth?

What is a Life Coach

A life coach is a person that works in partnership with an individual to help them reach their potential across all facets of life.
A life coach works with coaching clients to help them make improvements in their lives and move out of their stuck states. A life coach assumes that the client has the knowledge within themselves to make the improvements and the coach works more as a facilitator than as a counselor.
Coach Tee provides faith-based coaching to develop your purpose and bring clarity in pursuit of your passion in daily life. She has been coaching individuals and organizations for over a decade.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Improved self-confidence – A study by the International Coaching Federation (IFC) discovered that 80% of people who hired a life coach reported an improvement in self-confidence.
  • A different perspective – A life coach can provide a new and often helpful perspective on things.
  • Heightened self-awareness – Being fully aware of your impact on others and recognizing your flaws, strengths, and unique personality attributes
  • Achieve goals – being able to define your life goals and create a concrete, doable plan to achieve them.
  • Discover clarity of purpose – Clarity of purpose is vital if you want to pursue your dreams, a life coach can assist you in creating this focus.
  • Create a balanced life – Identify what balance looks like for you and define action steps to achieve more balance in your life.
    Coaching is an investment in yourself that leads to a greater potential of successfully reaching your goals now and in the future.

YOU NEED Coach Tee to help you set and reach your goals

Coaching Opportunities

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  • Female-Adults (Faith-based)
  • Teen-Girl Individual Coaching
  • Teen-Girl Group Coaching
  • Non-Profit
  • Business (consultation to determine if your specific business needs can be met)

**Disclaimer: Life coaches fill many roles, but they are not therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. They’ve been trained to ask questions and help you examine your mindset and overcome obstacles, but they can’t provide treatment for mental health issues like depression or severe anxiety. See a trained health provider if you think you may have a serious problem.

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