Dream Catalyst

There are so many times that Tragil Wade has had an impact on my life. One time I couldn’t get in school, she did everything she could to help me. It’s like we would get our foot in one door the, then other ones would close. But our thing was to never give up.​ Life is a fight, but I am a survivor​! She believes you can do or be whatever you want to be in life, you just have to do it. She has helped me out a lot in life an one day I hope she will be able to help others out the way she has inspired me to become the young man that I am today.​



I’ve always been the girl who was shy and unapproachable, but I had dreams bigger than I could even understand. If it wasn’t for Tragil, I wouldn’t be as close to reaching them as I am. She’s always been there to give me that extra push that I needed and she’s always believed in me. Anything that had to do with my dream and my love for music, she was always on board no matter what. From our nights of pep talks that I always seem to need, or even the performances that I had, she was always there and sometimes even the only person who showed up and supported me. She’s provided me with so many opportunities. If anything fell into her lap regarding music, she always called me and if I ever needed anything to help pursue my dream she never said no. It’s amazing to have somebody in your life believe in you more than you ever believed in yourself. She has helped shape me into the person I am today; a girl who’s not afraid of anything. I am a confident person who’s knows that there are no limits to what I can achieve. She helped me see that it’s not just a dream because if you want it bad enough it can become your reality.




To meet someone like Tragil has to be a blessing, and to know that there is someone who comes from the same background as you causes you to believe in yourself a little more. At 16 years old I was making all of the wrong decisions because I didn’t feel worthy of becoming more than the environment I come from. I was not interested in becoming a better me, but I used to look at this superwoman who didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth, but made the best out of her life. I also started to change who I was because all I could think is man I want to be like her she’s so strong. She exposed me to a life that I wanted to live by allowing me to meet people who are living the life I could only dream of at the time. Tragil was the reason I went to college. Her testimony changed my life. I made the same decision to move far away alone and it was not easy. I have had all of Tragil’s love, support, and encouragement from the time I left until now. She understood what I was going through. Tragil helped me find my passion for cheerleading again because I gave up on something I really loved. I am now a junior at Grambling State University and a member of the cheerleading team. She taught me to be in control of my own life!



When asked to share about the impact Ms. Tragil has had on my life, it’s just something about people sometimes that you can’t really ever describe. When it comes to her, it is like that. Words don’t adequately describe the impact that she’s had on me. From my first trip to Miami when I kept trying to run away and her telling me you just need a vacation and to be reminded who I am. At the time I was about 13 and that day she changed my name. No longer did she call me by my 1st name, she called me Ms. Collins because she felt I need to get ready to be respected among many due to the leadership in me. She assisted me with work experience at my first All Star game and at other events. The impact that she has had and still continues to have is one worth sharing with the world and I hope she and others are fortunate enough  to experience it.


Looking back over my life, I have to admit I may not be where I am at today without Tragil. I recall her picking me up every week to take me out of the environment I was living in and showing me better. She not only came to pick me up, there were weeks I would bring all my friends because I knew the impact it was having on my life. She taught me dance and she introduced God to me. I thank her for every thing she’s done for me through out my life. She is truly my inspiration and I love her! I’m now finishing up my sophomore year in college, time is flying. I know people are shocked because no one thought I would do it but she always told me “I’m a leader” ” I would go on to do great things . Thanks for believing in me Ms. Tragil.